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Tensabarriers by Tensator

Displaysense are a preferred partner of Tensator's Tensabarriers the leaders in queue management. By choosing to invest in a Tensator barrier system you’re joining a huge range of other individuals, companies, institutions and service providers who have found the immense benefits of using Tensabarriers.

The quality, in terms of design and manufacture, make Tensabarriers incredibly long serving, reliable queue systems. A well maintained system of Tensa barriers can quite easily be used over several years. A raft of user friendly features help elevate these Tensator barrier systems even further above competitors in the industry.

Choosing Your Tensabarriers

When it comes to choosing the right design of unit they are several key things to take into account. According to your preference and the intended use for your tensabarriers, the colour of both the strapping and the post itself can be important.

For hazardous areas the chevron style of webbing is advised as it provides the highest visibility and is generally regarded as a warning signal. In contrast, for more refined areas it is worth considering black strapping on the tensabarrier with a stylish polished chrome or brass finish.

As well as the colouring scheme there are more fundamental choices to consider; the actual style of tensabarrier itself. We supply several distinct variations of tensator barrier. These include heavy duty versions, wall mounted units and outdoor designs.

In many cases the industry you’re purchasing the tensa barriers for will make this choice fairly obvious, but having an understanding of each range is advised to ensure you choose the perfect system. Be aware of structural differences such as plastic or metal poles and also strap quantity variations.

Available in a huge range of colour variations, retractable and rope options, indoor and outdoor applications, you'll be sure to find the right queuing barrier for your business.