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POS Display Boxes, Cubes & Tubes

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POS Boxes, Cubes & Tubes

Boost your sales potential with our extensive range of POS display boxes & storage. Choose from modern acrylic cube designs or vintage wooden trays & crates to display your product to the customer. This is a perfect way to make the most of your retail space while offering more products and sales offers to the customer.

Our selection of POS boxes and cubes are versatile display units, place products inside the cube or cylinder or use as a display stand or riser by placing items on top. Change your displays with ease by adding, stacking or removing POS components, creating fresh displays your customers will notice.

We offer a range of versatile storage boxes that can be used individually or stacked up as one storage unit. Constructed from eco-friendly bamboo or soft pine wood, these wooden storage boxes are hard wearing and durable; suitable for commercial or home use.

Due to the wood construction, these storage boxes are easily customised to match your home decor or to fit into your retail environment, even add your company logo or slogan.